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Numerology is a 4000-year-old science. It helps us connect the strings of life using important numbers, planets and energies associated with them. It is a science in which each number has its own distinct personality and importance & as a result every human being is different from each other, whether in appearance or behavior or in their ability, quality of life, success & achievement 

Every number (1 to 9) is denoted by one or the other planet which forms various permutations and combinations in one’s Date of Birth. Every number has its own compatibility, vibration and attraction to the opposite Numbers.

We can easily find out from one’s Date of birth the behaviour pattern, likes & dislikes, the purpose and direction of the person, therefore we can guide the person to unlock & discover the true potential stored inside them.

Ever since our birth, we have been surrounded with Numbers such as birth date, month & year and on this basis, our life path number, destiny number, lucky number is also fixed.

This means everything is already prefixed since we were born, but there is one thing that can change and is under your control and that is your name spelling correction. You can control your name spelling with your own and this is the reason that name spelling correction in numerology is a boon

Numerologist & Vastu Expert

Ppunit Ddesai

Ppunit Ddesai is a renowned Numerologist, Scientific Vastu Expert, graphologist, Numerology & Vastu Coach.  He has a clientele from all walks of life and from almost every corner of the world whether from U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia & many countries He gives name spelling correction depends on client’s profession & what is required the most in his chart, this gives accurate & to the point results to every individual as per their expectations from their life Ppunit Ddesai is the only Vastu – Numerologist in the world who mixes both the sciences, double-check through both the mathematical calculations & direction and come out with accurate predictions. He strongly believes that every direction of our house (Vastu) Plays an important role in our life & as per his study Vastu plays 33% role in our life He believes that “Numbers Don’t Lie”.


Numerology Can Change the Journey of Your Life.

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