Numerologist Ppunit Ddesai teaching the world: Numbers Don’t Lie

The Universe is a giant big puzzle waiting to be solved. This is a popular saying, uttered by many people who have longed to know the answer to the world’s greatest questions.

It is a common belief that some of these questions can be answered by the field of Numerology or Vaastu.

It seems that these mystical tools can also be utilized to determine a person’s future ventures and life happenings.

This field is being explored much intensively nowadays.

Ppunit Ddesai, an accomplished Numerologist has been practicing in the field for a vast time now.

According to him ., .

“ .Numerology & Vaastu, if you are a believer, are two different sides of the same coin. Both play an important role in everyone’s life

From the time we are born, what is associated with us forever is our date of birth. We can do anything in the future but we can’t change our birthdate.

And since the time of our birth, our name is also associated with us forever.

So Compatibility between Date of birth & Name plays a major role in an individual’s success.”

About Ppunit Ddesai

Ppunit Ddesai is a Mumbai-based Numerologist who is an expert in Numerology & Vaastu. He is also a numerology coach who has been empowering others by teaching online Numerology Classes as well.

Over the past years, he has consulted clients from countries like Australia, San Francisco, Germany, Dubai, the USA, South Africa & Canada. With his expertise and passion for Numerology & Vaastu, Ppunit Ddesai has influenced and helped over 5,000 people through numerology and Vastu in very short time

He has also worked in companies like IIFL, RNLIC as the Sr. Vice President & Sr. Regional Head respectively.

He says,

“I have always been very interested and passionate from childhood about the mysticism of the universe. Numerology was a calling for me from the universe. Time always stands still for me whenever I read any Numbers and I feel totally absorbed in their energies.”

This quite evidently showcases his passion and insight into the field.

His analysis of the compatibility between Date of birth and Name helps him determine inexplicable things.

He is using the most Advance method in Numerology, where he is doing Name Spelling Correction Without Changing anything on Documents

Choosing the right career is the most difficult in everyone’s life & he also helped people in choosing their careers based on their Date of Birth. This is the best guidance that everyone wants.

He also specializes in dealing with complex issues using Numerology like relationship conflicts, delay in Marriage, Kids Education or Abroad Settlement, career problems & corporate consultation for multinational companies & their products name.

He suggests simple remedies and also provides a specialised masterstroke plan which describes the 3 S of life which is “when to Start, Stop and get Success”.

He also provides free Analysis to people through his official website.

When asked about his ambition and aspirations for the future he says,

“By integrating the deep wisdom of numerology, I want to help others discover their life purpose, their relationships, and so on. Being a spiritual coach is an empowering process always aimed to help you make decisions and take action. Often, we know what would be good for us, but we don’t do it. Sometimes, it’s because of a lack of confidence or a lack of knowledge or skills. A true spiritual coach helps you take the right action at the right time. I will try my best to bring positive changes in as many lives.”

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